solon teal

solon teal

solon teal

happy warrior. problem definer. startup mother and human dad. metamodernist home cook. social synchronicity architect. present descendent. future ancestor. good faith radical. genAI Tour Guide.

I build tech-enabled companies and ideas, consult for and scale organizations, invest in The Next Big Thing, and design immersive social experiences.

in early 2022 I began building, a social variety club, and writing about the journey.

early on, I flippantly gave the club the name “Synchronicity” a word I had heard before but didn’t really understand. That’s the moment when a lot of things started changing beyond my control.

It’s now April 2024. Things have taken some turns but we are still on track for:

  • A working concept of a sole-proprietor cybernetic (human-AI) enterprise
  • The Sol Trip: A media empire. Subscribe below.
  • Synchronicity 3: The internet’s hottest social club (friends only)

what’s the thread of my career?

Phoenix the ego. Have adventures. Make meaningful relationships.


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